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  • Hail to the healthcare heroes!
  • A night at the dogs
  • Scots assess i-device security
  • Hospital robots cut hospital pharmacy bill
  • Twitter feed for all Greater Manchester Police work
  • Tape backup could be binned soon
  • Cow farming program wins Apps 4 Africa competition

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I attended a very good seminar this week held by our solicitors on regulatory changes. It included coverage of new legislation on bribery, giving and receiving of gifts, hospitality, that sort of thing and I was amazed that the thoughts in peoples’ minds when this happens are to be policed. What was the intention when the gift was given? Was it intended to change behaviour?

I have also been observing the debate about whether the government should maintain our foreign aid payments. Those opposed say “charity begins at home”, and we should fix our own leaky boat first. More interestingly the side for maintaining foreign aid have explained that the payments are part of our defence strategy in that we pay these countries to be friendly towards us, to do business with us and not to attack us.

Goodness knows what the bribery thought police make of that one...


EHI Awards 2010

Hail to the healthcare heroes!

Quicksilva is a regular sponsor of the Healthcare IT product innovation award at the E-Health Insider Awards and this year was no different. Never ones to turn down a night on the town, the three directors were out in force.

We’ve been sponsoring the awards since they began in 2001 and posh frocks and a good time are always guaranteed. As this photographic evidence proves, we all looked very respectable before the champagne started to flow! The Connaught Rooms in London provided a brilliant venue for the ceremony and a drinks reception accompanied by a fantastic three course dinner was a great way to honour the unsung heroes of UK healthcare IT.

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Greyhound Dog

A night at the dogs

Another Quicksilva social, another night at the races... this time it was the dogs in Swindon! Dressed prepared for a cold autumn night on the track and with a meal & drinks ticket in one hand and the race book in the other, we congregated in the only sensible place (the bar) to discuss our betting plans for the evening ahead.

It was here where many of us were provided with an enlightening explanation of how to read the form guide. In past visits to the greyhounds, I’ve chosen to ignore this wealth of information and instead favoured the less demanding approach of relying on a dog’s name grabbing my attention.

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In the News...

In the News

Scots assess i-device security

From E-health Insider

NHS Dumfries and Galloway has commissioned a security assessment of whether iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches are secure and suitable to be used within the hospital environment.

Hand held devices

Quicksilva thoughts...

Tablet devices and touch control applications are really important to making this technology work in the healthcare industry and Apple have showed us that they have produced one of the most intuitive interfaces with their range of i-devices.

Although there are a number of considerations to take into account, from distribution of applications to devices to ‘remote wiping’ of the devices if lost or stolen. Apple has been thinking about these things while developing their latest products and do have solutions for these problems. Application distribution is not restricted to the iTunes AppStore for businesses and applications can be distributed to specific devices.

The use of Microsoft Exchange can be used to remotely erase all data on the device should it go missing. Even if these devices do not meet all the security requirements, there are a number of tablet devices and web applications solutions which could be used. As long as these are readily accessible by all users this could revolutionise the delivery of health care with real-time patient information.

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Hospital robots cut hospital pharmacy bill

From BBC News

A robotic pharmacy has improved safety and saved money at a new Scottish hospital, according to hospital bosses.


Quicksilva thoughts...

In the current economic climate every organisation is trying to reduce their budget and find new ways to save money especially in the health sector where each trust is feeling the effects of the credit crunch. This new innovation from Scotland shows how technology should be used to save money, reducing the risk of human error whilst increasing consistency and speed.

These robot pharmacists are performing above expectation and have relieved the stress of human resources so that staff can spend more time caring for patients and performing their duties whilst also reducing the number needed to run the pharmacy.

If this trial is successful how long would it take to port this technology around the country to other hospitals? And would the set up costs be prohibitive? As we all endeavour to cut expenditure it may take an initial expensive outlay to help reduce costs in the long term, it appears technology will have the answer.

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Twitter feed for all Greater Manchester Police work

From BBC News

One of England's biggest police forces has "tweeted" every incident it dealt with over a 24-hour period.

Twitter Feed

Quicksilva thoughts...

Integrating with the community through social networking sites such as Twitter will enable the public to see the sorts of cases that the Police force has to deal with on a daily basis. However I feel this has the potential to provoke further ‘attacks’ on the police force because of the nature of the crimes they are dealing with and posting these on Twitter may not be seen as a good use of their time and the taxpayers money.

However this may also make ‘tweeters’ more aware of the types of crimes that require police time and maybe think twice before they make their next criminal move….

Only a trial and media coverage on how this is impacting the community will tell….

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Cow farming program wins Apps 4 Africa competition

From BBC News

An application which tracks the fertility of cows has won the first ever Apps 4 Africa competition to find new talent as smartphones become increasingly popular in Africa.

Competition prize

Quicksilva thoughts...

Whilst I was searching for an article to comment on for the latest edition of the newsletter – this caught my eye and I couldn’t resist reading this story further...! A little bit wacky but it made me giggle.

Now whilst I am in no way likening myself to a creature of the bovine nature I guess given my current state of pregnancy I maybe felt a natural affinity to this story – who knows...? (No I am not seeking reassurance, honest!)

The first thought that sprung to mind when I read this was that it is a step on from the ‘P tracker’ app that some of the ladies in the office talk about and swear by. For those of you not familiar with this app – have a look on the web and you will soon discover what it is – but its name is fairly self explanatory really!

I love the fact that ‘iCow’ won the Apps 4 Africa competition – an app which tracks the fertility cycle of a cow to maximise breeding for farmers. What a unique and ingenious idea this is to help improve life in the region of Nairobi.

Moo-dern technology isn’t it wonderful!!

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Tape backup could be binned soon

From The Register

Backing up to tape in an autoloader or small library could be heading for the graveyard if an Imation deal with BDT comes good.

Backup technology

Quicksilva thoughts...

As one of the Quicksilva system admins, this is interesting to see; finally a realistic cheap alternative to backup tapes is arriving for SMEs. The major players in the backup market have combined to begin developing a solution that uses hard disks but still allows usage of the virtual tape library and DE duplication features of modern backup software. The time required to run a restore will be greatly reduced and backup speeds will dramatically increase. In the age of large data repositories this couldn't come at a better time.

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