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At Play: Mon, 24 Oct 2011

Quicksilva’s 12th Birthday

We have a count down for all important events on our in-house home page (hQ), this year it’s being doing the daily countdown to Quicksilva’s 12th birthday. Once it reached 30 days Team Admin and Team Design swung into action. Birthday party invites were issued and requests for ’baby’ photos were sent out. Yup we were going to celebrate again the glorious 13th October. It’s a date I remember as it’s 2 years to the day that I joined Quicksilva and thought -"wow what a company they’ve thrown a party for me"
(it was actually Quicksilva’s 10th)!

Guess Who Baby Competition

For the baby photos everyone went raiding their mother’s prized photo album - baby ages ranged from a few hours to toddlers. The inevitable competition then took place - guess who’s who. I’m afraid I was hopeless managing just to recognise myself - although not many others did. There were some ’obvious’ matches - those who hadn’t changed a bit apart from a wee bit more facial hair. Others whose youngsters we now meet look just like the babies we were now trying to name. The happy smiley girls, the grumpy boys - and who was that sitting in the kitchen sink?

Party Food Guess Who Baby Competition

As a relative oldie I’d searched out a colour photo rather than black and white as I thought that would reveal all. However, our clever design team presented all the photos as black and white so they really became quite timeless. I’m afraid none of us were quite young enough to submit an ultrasound scan - but can you imagine trying to name the baby from one of those!

Finally - the cake! Another design team scoop - a cake iced with a montage of photos showing all of us at various times in the Quicksilva 12 year history - there I was on my first day blowing out the candles on the 10th cake with the oldest serving employee at the time. I still don’t quite see how the clever people in the design team got that icing through the printer.

(I did bring in some welsh cakes for the team on the day after the party as a small celebration of my own.)

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